While deployed to the Horn of Africa, the crew of an AC-130H Spectre Gunship was tasked to perform a routine, 8.5 hour daily patrol mission near Somalia. Approximately 43 minutes into the flight, the crew began conducting a routine “tweak” of the fire control system. While in the process of firing, one of the high explosive rounds detonated prematurely in the bore of the 105mm cannon. The blast and fragments from the munition and exploded gun barrel destroyed one engine on the left side of the aircraft, causing the propeller from that engine to depart the aircraft. Additionally, the blast damaged fuel and hydraulic lines to the second engine on the left side, requiring the crew to shut down that engine. Jockey 14 came down just off the coast of Malindi, Kenya with the impact causing the fuselage to break into two pieces. It was assigned to the 16th Special Operations Squadron. MORE;

OG 1.045,     ABV 4.7%,     IBU 23,    SRM 11

Hops,     Willamette,     UK Golding

Jockey 14.2

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