13th Annual, 2016 Parkville Microbrew Fest

The Crew

Volenteers; Kevin,     John “Stanny”

Brewers; Morris,        Steve


The Jockey 14 Irish Red and Beatle 12 Pale Ale went fast. They lasted just 2 1/2 hours.

Working hard, Well, at least they were.

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Long Lines


Although the event was packed, we still had a long line of folks trying to get some Callsign Brew.

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We had the privilege to meet Zac. He was a crew chief on the C-130J. He crewed aircraft 3174 on a deployment, “not during the time of it’s loss”. Aircraft 3174 was the tail number of TOURQE 62, Summer IPA.


Another very happy beer enthusiast. He came bake 7 or 8 times.


Josh and I. This man has been an inspiration to Callsign Brewing. He took a huge learning curve out of the brewing process when we went to the electrical control panel.

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