The Sentry was being operated by the 962nd Airborne Air Control Squadron and was preparing to go on a training sortie with the callsign Yukla 27. The aircraft was to depart from runway 06 and was waiting while a Hercules transport aircraft took off. With its crew unaware that the Hercules had disturbed a flock of Canada geese, the Sentry lined up and started its departure roll, as it rotated No. 1 and No. 2 engine ingested the birds. The crew started to turn to the left to dump fuel and return to the runway, after the aircraft reached 250 feet it descended and crashed into a hilly, wooded area. MORE

OG 1.046,    ABV 4.7%,    IBU 35,    SRM 4

Hops; Willamette, Cascade

callsign brewing-lythoyukla27

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