On take off, the aircraft increased in an excessive upward pitch during the takeoff climb. The rapid increase in pitch angle resulted in a stall from which the pilots were unable to recover. The aircraft impacted approximately 28 seconds after liftoff, right of the runway, within the confines of Jalalabad Airfield. The aircraft struck the ground, a perimeter wall, and a guard tower, which resulted in the loss of all personnel on board the aircraft along with three ASRF members assigned to the tower. MORE

OG 1.066,    ABV 6.5%,    IBU 62,    SRM 8

Hops; Palisade, Centennial



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      It ts actually spelled TORQE, since it is a callsign and normally after a “Q” the “U” will not follow.

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      Thank you ma’am. I have been flying for 25 years now, and it saddens me how people forget so quickly that that have lost their lives for out country.

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