Basement Brewery Build

I had 700 sq ft of unfinished storage area in my basement. The basement is perfect for fermentation temperatures. It keeps right around 65 degrees all year long. I started planning what space I will need for the brewery and still maintain enough storage for all the useless stuff I own.



I started framing out the brewery and storage rooms. I would end up with a total of 350 sq ft for the brewery floor plan, and still keep 2 smaller storage rooms. Also, I was able to incorporate a model display case inside the brewery.



Drywall went up next.







The finished brewery

callsign brewing-pano2




  1. Butch Chojnacki

    Mac 150 Double IPA

    MSGT Robert E. Wright was my moms husband. His daughter from Palm Springs sent me this info on your new beer. You guys are awesome. I wish my mom, CMSGT Barbara J. Wright were alive to see this.

    I would like to touch base with you but don’t see any contact info on your website. Can you contact me when you can at 816-914-5644

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