Brew Stand Build

This was to old trusty gravity, 3 tier brew rack. This was my first ever stick wild project and even if it wasn’t pretty, it was very effective.


I was able to get my hands on re-claimed aluminum. 30, 7 foot sticks that served before as I.T. racks. As luck would have it, I had enough to construct 4 brew stands. I kept that larger of the 4 and sold the other 3. This helped fund the pot build.



The aluminum was easy to cut, drill through and bolt together. This proved to be an overkill for strength. a1544490_10201690205165378_389316172_n

pieces went together perfectly.


The finished product. One of the small stands. When I put them up on Craig’s List, they were sold in less than a day.


I loved the way they came out



My brew stand



My stand again, with all 1.5 bbl pots and it’s place in the basement brewery.


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