On 21 July 2008, a United States Air Force (USAF) B-52H Stratofortress crashed into the Pacific Ocean approximately 30 nautical miles (56 km) northwest of Apra Harbor, Guam, after taking off from Andersen Air Force Base. The aircraft, named “Louisiana Fire” and with the mission call sign of “RAIDR 21”, was about to participate in a flyover for … [Read more…]

Basement Brewery Build

I had 700 sq ft of unfinished storage area in my basement. The basement is perfect for fermentation temperatures. It keeps right around 65 degrees all year long. I started planning what space I will need for the brewery and still maintain enough storage for all the useless stuff I own.   I started framing … [Read more…]

Brew Stand Build

This was to old trusty gravity, 3 tier brew rack. This was my first ever stick wild project and even if it wasn’t pretty, it was very effective. I was able to get my hands on re-claimed aluminum. 30, 7 foot sticks that served before as I.T. racks. As luck would have it, I had … [Read more…]


On take off, the aircraft increased in an excessive upward pitch during the takeoff climb. The rapid increase in pitch angle resulted in a stall from which the pilots were unable to recover. The aircraft impacted approximately 28 seconds after liftoff, right of the runway, within the confines of Jalalabad Airfield. The aircraft struck the ground, … [Read more…]


As part of a decisive demonstration of air power over ground forces, three AC-130 Spectre gunships joined the battle to provide air-to-ground fire and close air support. As the last of the three AC-130s still on station early on the morning of January 31, and about to end its mission, Spirit 03 “received a call … [Read more…]


On March 31, 2005, two MC-130Hs and one MC-130P Shadow were participating in a night training mission. At about 11:05 a.m., a 7th Special Operations Squadron MC-130H (Tail No. 87-0127), call sign WRATH-11, crashed into a mountain, resulting in the loss of all nine aircrew aboard. The crew had been conducting NVG low-level flying operations … [Read more…]