CALLSIGN Brewing specializes in Hand Crafted Ales.  We take care to craft the best quality Beer.  Not only do we take pride in using the best ingredients to achieve the best taste, we are very aware that when creating a tribute to the brave men and women who serve our country the beer Must Be the Best!

Our Everyday Beers

Fighter Pale Ale(ON TAP) IBU 48 ABV 4.7%  This is beer that started it all! Steve fell in love with Pale Ale and that is where his love for craft beer started.  This is our first beer and will always have a home here.

Blonde Bombshell Ale(ON TAP)  IBU 28 ABV 6.5%   SOLD OUT Don’t let the light color of this beer fool you.  There is plenty of flavor to go around.  It is crisp and refreshing.  At 6.5% ABV you know you have a real beer in your hands.

Bomber Brown Ale: (ON TAP) IBU 29 ABV 5.9% Our #1 Seller!  This beer is a true English Brown Ale.  Malty and notes of caramel.  Customers tell us that they dream about this beer all week and can’t wait till their next visit.

Imperial Stout on Nitro: (ON TAP) IBU 55 ABV 9% This beer was brewed from Michael Wells 7th Trumpet recipe.  This is our Red Line Beer to honor First Responders.  This stout boasts bold, deep, roasted flavor with a super creamy finish from the Nitro.  Limited Amount Left before we Cellar it to Age!

Huey American Wheat: (ON TAP) IBU 23 ABV 4.5% A true American Classic.  This wheat holds it’s own against a crowded market of wheat beer.  You love it and it’s what you can drink all day long.

Screaming Eagle Cream Ale: (ON TAP) IBU 11 ABV 4.7% We often call this beer the light beer of craft.  It has all the quintessential flavors of a Lawnmower beer.  Perfect for warm Summer Days.  MARKED DOWN FOR SPECIAL PRICING!!! 

Attack IPA(ON TAP) IBU 60 ABV 6.2%  This is our hoppiest beer to date! Full flavored and bold hop nose and a hint of citrus finish.  This beer was Single Hopped.

Coming Soon

Hercules Amber Ale You have been begging for it! And it is on the brew schedule. Yahoo!!!